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  1. This category is for all characters who are anti-heroes, such as those who do heroic work by non-heroic means or for non-heroic reasons.
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  3. May 13,  · They all also happen to be anti heroes. This list of the greatest anti-hero film characters ranks these great characters who, despite their notable lack of what we usually describe as "heroic" traits, are nonetheless the heroes of their stories. Upvote the best antihero characters in film history below, and add any great antiheroes who aren't.
  4. Oct 04,  · An anti-hero is a protagonist who lacks some of the conventional attributes of a traditional hero — like courage or morality. While their actions are ultimately noble, they don’t always act for the right reasons.
  5. Lists about: Let's Shake It Up A Bit, Best Dark Fantasy, Villain Protagonist, Possessive, controlling, jerk, anti-heroes that love their woman, The anti-.
  6. Jun 29,  · Anti-heroes subvert expectations. They’re – just about – on the good side of things, but they may not be pleasant people, and they might well resort to some shady tactics to get things done. They’re a good way to avoid the common writing problem of creating “flat” or two-dimensional characters: ones that don’t have much complexity.
  7. May 15,  · The protagonist is often called the hero, but what happens when the protagonist is not so heroic? Just because we follow this person and generally see the world through his or her eyes doesn’t mean that the protagonist is necessarily virtuous. It is when this rule is bent that we have an antihero.
  8. Sep 08,  · Anti-heroes make for an interesting character category in anime. Whether the main protagonist or not, an anti-hero can easily steal the spotlight as they represent an area of intrigue for the reader. Things are not black and white in an anti-heroes storyline, and in their moral quandaries we generally find things a little more relatable.

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