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  1. Nov 11,  · You’re not Guillaume le Million or Davy Dewis, no. You're a *metaphorical* superstar. You bring that rock-and-roll authenticity and passion to a line of work where people don't expect (or want) to see it. Where, some would say, it doesn't *belong*: law enforcement. Solution [edit | edit source] They say the world isn’t ready for a rock-and.
  2. Feb 07,  · SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL by Barbara Freethy. Matt has the need for closure, wanting answers, the key to being a reporter, time off made him reckless. 72 hours without sleep, home and sleep;a noise out in hall and it's a baby in a car compcotyhaptelrgreatelucolornite.coinfos:
  3. Nov 15,  · USA English. Oct 23, #9. There are two kinds of some: the one that means " (a) certain unspecified", always pronounced like the word sum, and the one that works like an indefinite article for plural or noncount nouns. In "It is some kind of pen", "kind of pen" is singular count, so this some is of the first kind.
  4. Sep 15,  · Some Kind of Love Lyrics: You got the will of a wild / A wild bird / You got the faith of a child / Before the world gets in / You got some kind of love / You got some kind of love / (Some kind.
  5. Some Kind of Heaven is a American documentary film about The Villages, Florida, the world's largest retirement community. Marking the directorial feature debut of Lance Oppenheim, the film is a stylized portrait of four residents living within The Villages, Florida struggling to find happiness and meaning in life's final chapters.
  6. Apr 22,  · Em * C * Some kind of disaster, yeah G [Verse 1] G I woke up from a never-ending dream Em C G I shut my eyes at 17 G I lost every moment in between Em C G I felt the sun rise up and swallow me, yeah [Pre-Chorus] Em D C And it's all my fault that I'm still the one you want [Chorus] G C I'm a liar, I'm a cynic Em C I'm a sinner, I'm a saint G C I.
  7. some kind of 1. An expression used when the speaker is uncertain of what they are describing. There was some kind of noise outside, 2. An expression used to emphasize that something is superlative. That's some kind of car you've got there, Gus!
  8. Synonyms for some kind of include some, some sort of, some type of, indeterminate, indefinite, unclear, unspecific, vague, ambiguous and ambivalent. Find more similar words at compcotyhaptelrgreatelucolornite.coinfo!

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