Get Real / Get Lot - Primitive Life - Man Made Disaster (Vinyl)

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  1. Feb 21,  · Primitive Man saved the best for last and somehow manage to fork over an even darker track than “Oily Tears” with their second song from the split, “Pitiful & Loathsome.” On the other hand, Hell’s track, “Nuumen,” sounds like it was recorded on a fax machine but in the best way possible, with a mix of austere atmospherics and.
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  3. Vinyl: A synthetic plastic polymer, usually the color black, used to make a phonograph record. Acetate: A metal, lacquer-coated disc that's produced on specialized equipment, often on the fly, for a demonstration recording of a master tape. Shellac: A record made from a brittle wax between the s and s, often for a disc that plays at 78 rpm.
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  6. Jun 17,  · I like the description from the Primitive Technology vid making sure to state how long it took. days, thanks to a lot of rain. Would have taken For people looking at these and getting the impression that it's just a matter of good old fashioned go get 'em attitude and elbow grease, think again.
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  8. Mar 16,  · In the wake of the recent quadruple records news on Refuse Records, we have teamed up with Berlin straight edge pack PRIMITIVE LIFE, Barcelona youth crew APPRAISE, Göteborg straight edge hardcore punks WASTE, and Dutch fastcore veterans BETERCORE to say hello, get some insights from their local scenes and learn about their understanding of punk. PRIMITIVE LIFE’s “Man made disaster.

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