Mioru - Artificial Memory Trace & PBK - Transphere 1997_1999 (CD, Album)

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  3. Human memory is much more powerful when the information is memorize without a define path, like a software and the registration of that operation, because the human memory recognise not only the physical expression of a meaning, but also the meaning expressed by emotions, impressions, concepts, mental rappresentations and facts.
  4. Artificial Memory Trace discography and songs: Music profile for Artificial Memory Trace. Genres: Musique concrète, Field Recordings, Electroacoustic. Albums include RRR Various Lock-Grooves by Artists, Tulpas, and Vol. 5: Th Ality Absfract.
  5. Jun 05,  · Memory is an in-game resource that determines how many Functions can be equipped. Every function uses a certain amount of memory when equipped. The total memory usage of all equipped function cannot exceed the maximum memory available to the player. At the beginning of the game the maximum memory available to the player is
  6. Tag Archives for: "Memory Trace" Kerri Smith. From Science Friday: Reporting in Science, researchers write of linking a mouse's innocuous memory of a room with a more fearful memory of getting an electric shock—causing the mouse to freeze in .
  7. Memory Trace. A memory trace, also know as an engram, is a theoretical means by which memories are physically stored in the brain. The actual method of storage of memory, whether by biophysical or biochemical means, is still being debated. However, the point of agreement is that memory appears to be spread over several areas of the brain rather.
  8. Engrams are a hypothetical means by which memory traces are stored as physical or biochemical change in the brain (and other neural tissue) in response to external stimuli.. They are also sometimes thought of as a neuronal network or fragment of memory, sometimes using a hologram analogy to describe its action in light of results showing that memory appears to be non-localized in the brain.
  9. Renou under name of Brume. ] Philippe Blanchard / Christian Renou "Play-Lunch" ( - 99) - France, electroacoustic soundscapes created from sounds recorded in kitchen. ] Artificial Memory Trace (AMT) Vol. 5: "Th Ality Absfract" () - project of Slavek Kwi. Complex electroacoustic situations, sound-paintings, cinema for ears.

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