The Owl... - Ken Mode - Success (CD, Album)

2 thoughts on “ The Owl... - Ken Mode - Success (CD, Album)

  1. Album Reviews: KEN Mode - Success. What with the return of TFI Friday and The Crystal Maze it would appear that ’90s nostalgia is getting ready to roll in earnest. It’s unlikely that KEN Mode will remember those two particular bastions of UK programming, being from Winnipeg, Manitoba, but on their sixth album the band has decided to pay homage to the sounds and bands that influenced them.
  2. Manitoban misfits KEN mode have always defied what is expected of them. The word ‘unique’ is bandied about in relation to myriads of other artists and albums, but the three piece from Winnipeg have always trod their own path and created a sound that is unmistakably theirs.. Their latest release, Success, is perhaps one of the largest side-steps in the bands career.

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